Actually, anyone who works with data should use D-QUANTUM.

Wolf ErleweinCOO & Co-Founder Synabi Business Solutions

Have you always wanted to know which 3 things make D-QUANTUM especially stand out? Or what challenges our customers face?

Our COO & Co-Founder Wolf Erlewein answers this and more in the following video. At the World of Data 2022, he faced the hail of questions from our partner b.telligent and gave, among other things, interesting insights into companies that have implemented

Curious? See for yourself:

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Here you will find the most important content:
What are the 3 main things that make D-QUANTUM stand out?
Functional design

D-QUANTUM has a nice and uncluttered interface that is easy to use.


D-QUANTUM is flexibly configurable and thereby responds to the needs of our customers.

Made in Germany

D-QUANTUM is developed in Germany, which is highly unusual in our field.

Who should use D-QUANTUM?
“Actually, anyone who works with data should use D-QUANTUM.”

…but if you had to sharpen this a bit more: companies that are a bit larger, and where more than 10 to 15 people are working with data.

What challenges do our customers face?
The big challenge is to understand:

  • What data do I have in the company?
  • Who is responsible for this data?
  • How is this data connected?

D-QUANTUM supports you in bringing order to your data.


…for the great interview, the fantastic event and the excellent cooperation!

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