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We offer individual metadata management and data governance.
Who we are:

Synabi Business Solutions

In 2016 Synabi Business Solutions GmbH was founded as a Spin-off of b.telligent GmbH & Co. KG, an established consulting company, and our company is still strongly connected with b.telligent.

We are a young growing Startup with an increasing number of customers with locations based in Frankfurt and Munich. Our focus is the development and the commercialisation of our software solution for the finance sector. We support our customers with our product D-QUANTUM by structuring your metadata and the execution of Data governance projects, for example the implementation of regulatory requirements like BCBS 239 and MaRisk.

We, the team of the Synabi Business Solutions GmbH, are not just a software company, we combine our software solutions with customer-specific customising and consulting.


You can find all the features of D-QUANTUM here.

What do we do:

A brief insight

Our solutions are structured wikis, which are based on the user’s requirements. We connect structured manual entries with automated analysis of the company’s database.

Our solutions can be easily integrated into existing architectures.
We visualise the collected text information through a powerful graphics engine.
This concept facilitates the dynamic generation of key figure trees from the network of interrelated business data.
This graphical representation of dependencies, in combination with a large number of visual analysis possibilities provide our customers with new perspectives of their data and its lifecycle within the firm.

Now with more detail

We connect structural textual information with visual graphics.


Structured data are ideal for detail analysis. The Structured-Wiki-Approach supports the capturing and processing of meta data in textual form.
The basis of the automated and manual Metadata management is a flexible adjustable meta data model.


Visual presentations deliver an architectural view of the big picture and, for example, support the analysis of the data lineage.
The fully automated graphical presentation of all our solutions captured meta data is a matter of course for us.

Your career at Synabi

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