It’s done: D-QUANTUM is now also able to process SAP HANA metadata.

Within a short but intensive development period, we have succeeded in providing connectivity to SAP HANA for D-QUANTUM. We were thereby once again able to demonstrate the high flexibility of D-QUANTUM Connect and the advantages of the open D-QUANTUM architecture.

For our customers we can now read out a detailed data lineage down to column level. This enables us to map the data flow and processing steps transparently and comprehensibly in D-QUANTUM.

Hervorgehobene Lineage aus großem Datensatz

Users can see the origin of the data from the Calculation Views used for reporting, through the structures of the FSDM, to the tables of the ERM. It is also possible to comprehend the calculations, filtering and aggregations in detail. It does not matter whether these were done in SAP Flowgraphs, DB Functions or the logic of the Calculation Views.

Vereinfachtes Datenmodell in D-QUANTUM

In order to enable a wide range of users to use the technical data lineage, the business metadata of the business glossary are linked to the technical elements and users can switch between these views depending on their questions.

These relationships and the data lineage can be graphically displayed and analyzed in D-QUANTUM and made available to the user via application-specific reports. In addition, intuitive and guided paths are also provided to the user.

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