The title of this article (“User Group Meeting – Showcase D-QUANTUM V5”) will not be unfamiliar to the attentive reader of our newsroom. Some time ago, we already reported on our deep dive into data intelligence as part of our D-QUANTUM User Group Meeting.

What is the D-QUANTUM User Group Meeting?

Synabi customers have the opportunity to participate in the User Group Meetings that take place at irregular intervals. These are intended to strengthen the exchange among each other, to mutually enrich each other and to share the experiences of everyone around data governance topics and data management with D-QUANTUM.

Why User Group Meetings?

D-QUANTUM is constantly being further developed. Every day, the Synabi developers work on our software solution. Thereby, also incorporating the feedback of our customers because this is particularly important to us.
In the discussion groups, both we as software developers as well as our customers benefit from the general feedback and the topics.

What is the advantage for our customers?

Each of our User Group Meetings highlights a topic in more detail. You always wanted to know how other D-QUANTUM users handle the topic data intelligence? Or how they deal with certain processes? What questions are on the minds of other data stewards?
All of this you – as a Synabi customer – can find out in our open discussion rounds – or simply listen to the informative presentations.

The focus of the current User Group Meeting was D-QUANTUM V5. We used the opportunity to demonstrate the added value and the improvements of our latest D-QUANTUM version live in our blueprint.

New navigation concept, guided data collection & performance enhancement

The participants of the event had the chance to get a more detailed insight into the new version. In addition to the clearly designed start page, the new search engine and the brand-new sidebar were showcased together with the improved navigation and colour concept. From here, our colleague Stephan Rönigk continued to the data input screen, which not only shone with a complete redesign, but also with new functions.
Thanks to the newly introduced info section, the user will receive valuable information and assistance with the data entry in the future.
At the end of his part, Stephan presented the Content Editor including the many functional widgets for page design.

Looking ahead at V5.1

Even though D-QUANTUM V5 is already available, we are always striving to push our software solution forward. Our roadmap shows the focus on future topics, which provides the central theme for our further development. In the further course of the User Group Meeting, our colleague Peter Zierz presented the focus topics of the next minor releases:

  • Delete concept
    • It is now possible to permanently delete entities using the Draft Automation.
  • External API
    • D-QUANTUM now offers an interface for use with other tools. The documentation of the REST API follows the format of OpenAPI.
Discussion round

As always, the main part of our User Group Meeting was the discussion round. Here, the participants can contribute topic-specific questions and suggestions and benefit from each other’s knowledge. And again, this part was very interesting for us, because here, in addition to the open questions, we also absorbed the sentiment of our customers.

All in all, it was an exciting event for us, from which both our customers and we were able to learn a lot.

We look forward to the next time!

We presented our new features and our development plans for the near future. This was followed by a lively exchange and lots of feedback, which we will of course incorporate into our product development.

Peter ZierzSenior Requirements Engineer

Feedback on D-QUANTUM V5 is important - we are happy to listen and incorporate it both into the development of D-QUANTUM and into the structure of our future User Group Meetings.

Thorsten KraftHead of Sales & Partner

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