Customer feedback is valuable – Synabi benefits from the experiences of our users in their daily work with D-QUANTUM. We are constantly improving our product and, of course, also considering the reported experiences and use cases of our customers. We asked ourselves the question: Does a joint exchange help our customers, companies from different industries, to learn from each other and to share their experiences around data governance topics and data management with D-QUANTUM?

The idea was born quickly: We create an event and discussion platform that serves the joint exchange and where our customers can benefit from the knowledge of others.

Thus, the 1st D-QUANTUM User Group Meeting took place at the beginning of the summer. The interest was big: a total of 25 participants from 13 companies took part in the presentations, which were prepared especially for the event. In addition to an exclusive presentation by our Synabi colleagues Thomas Ebner and Lennart Werner on the automated capturing of information via D-QUANTUM Connect, Caroline Grimm (pbb) and Jens Koch-Bodes (EOS) reported in two customer presentations on the necessary and useful granularity of lineage, as well as the motivation for the manual maintenance of metadata. Each presentation was followed by a lively discussion, from which further topics and food for thought emerged. It quickly became clear: there is a need to talk. And exactly for this reason, Synabi has brought the User Group Meetings to life. In future, deep dives on specific topics will take place regularly, to which our customers are cordially invited. Last week was no exception.

Deep Dive: Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence – the basic topic that drives us all. There was already a great deal of interest in exchanging ideas about this in advance. Last Thursday, we fulfilled the wish of our customers with a suitable Deep Dive Meeting.

Data Intelligence deals with the connection of data from external data sources and their provision and management in D-QUANTUM. We divide this area into two categories: Aggregation and Intelligence. While Aggregation focuses on capturing data from the existing data source and preparing it in a way that it can be imported and used in D-QUANTUM, Intelligence builds on this and uses the captured data to derive and generate additional or further information.

On Thursday, one topic was at the top of the list of talking points: The mapping between business and technical metamodels. How, for example, can two objects on the business level be meaningfully linked to only one object on the technical level? A short explanation of the problem was enough to get the exchange among the participants started. Here, it was interesting to see the different approaches of the customers as well as the different perspectives on one and the same topic. These ranged from holistic solutions, which, however, would have to be implemented from the beginning, to manual means, which, on the other hand, can only be worked with in the short term. One thing is clear: there is no one solution that is right for everyone. As different as the customers’ requirements are, as versatile and flexible the tool must be with which they meet these requirements.

In the end, not only the participants benefited from the exchange – we at Synabi will also take suggestions for D-QUANTUM with us.

We are delighted about the once again constructive and inspiring discussions. The next Deep Dive will surely come!
We look forward to an exchange with you!
With the help of D-QUANTUM we support you on your Data Management Journey!