When it comes to data governance, the financial industry – accompanied by the D-QUANTUM software ‑ is today one step ahead of many sectors. KfW recognised early on: if you want to work with large amounts of data quickly, flexibly and reliably, you need professional data management structures and a software platform that combines various use cases in this environment. Together with Lennart Werner, Dr. Alexander Natter talks about the accomplishments of recent years and gives an outlook on how structured data management will take the data quality of the development bank to a new level.

“In this case study Dr. Alexander Natter (KfW) and I look back on our joint project. We show the added value achieved through metadata management and data quality management and explain how requirements management, metadata management and data quality management support each other.
With an overview of selected data management concepts at KfW and live demos in our D-QUANTUM software solution, we illustrate how these added values have been achieved and thus provide exciting insights into the implementation of Shopping4Data, Data Lineage and DQM Use Cases”

Lennart WernerHead Of Business Analysis & Product Management

Realizing the added value of data governance - KfW is where others want to be.

Our speakers

Portrait von Alexander Natter

Dr. Alexander Natter


Dr. Alexander Natter has been with KfW since 2014, where he has been sub-project manager for data governance and BCBS-239 fit/gap analysis and is currently working on central data requirements management and the functional and data architecture of the bank management disciplines. Prior to this, he was head of development of the DWH (CDS backend) at Dresdner Bank for credit and regulatory reporting and was responsible for merging the market databases and calculation processes of the Commerzbank merger. Before joining KfW, he was in charge of the subproject technical conception of the DWH (DDP) for accounting and risk controlling at DEKA.

Lennart Werner


Lennart Werner, Head of Business Analysis & Product Management, has many years of experience in project management, business analysis and IT architecture. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of process and model development and data governance in the BCBS 239 field. He advocates a holistic data management approach with special focus on meta data management, data quality management and requirements management.

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