D-QUANTUM to be the new Data Catalog

Synabi Business Solutions, together with b.telligent, has been awarded the contract for a tender issued in 2021 by DB AG to replace Collibra’s “Data Governance Center” data catalog currently in use. The D-QUANTUM data-management software solution is to be introduced in order to further scale utilization of a data catalog by the DB group. The aim is to replace the existent data catalog containing previously collected data by the end of 2022.

D-QUANTUM picks up speed – a new data catalog for Deutsche Bahn

That’s right, we are setting a new course in data governance!

In 2021, b.telligent submitted a bid in a Europe-wide tender procedure initiated by Deutsche Bahn for introduction and operation of a comprehensive data catalog solution. Our metadata management tool D-QUANTUM was presented in detail and recommended as a data management solution here. A mandatory requirement was a central information platform for cataloging a large number of sometimes extremely heterogeneous and different data sources at the DB group, for mapping request and release processes during data utilization, and for supporting management of the data sharing ecosystem.

D-QUANTUM offers the capabilities needed to integrate as many relevant data sources as possible, and to clearly represent their mutual links. We also fulfil the condition of increasing transparency and traceability as part of data governance. D-QUANTUM supports technical classification into business objects, domains and applications, besides indicating their responsibilities.

We are pleased with the award!

The outcome: At the beginning of April 2022, b.telligent was appointed general contractor. Synabi data consultants are responsible for provision of D-QUANTUM and the associated consultancy services during the implementation project.

Start of the data management journey at Deutsche Bahn

Now that the implementation project has begun, Synabi Business Solutions and b.telligent are jointly advising DB AG on commissioning of individual D-QUANTUM modules along the established data-management journey. Based on the combination of technical descriptions in the business glossary and automatically connected data sources in the data catalog, an individual data-contracting module complements the required data-catalog package.

Wolf Erlewein, COO at Synabi Business Solutions, is pleased with the confidence placed: “The capabilities of the recently released version 5 of D-QUANTUM will be fully deployed for Deutsche Bahn. For us, this project could be a prelude to many more of this magnitude.” Sebastian Amtage, founder and managing director of b.telligent adds with satisfaction: “We are very proud to have convinced Deutsche Bahn with b.telligent’s combination of powerful software and smart consulting approach, thus allowing a use of software made in Germany.

Company profiles

DB AG is one of the world’s leading mobility and logistics companies, and has 336,990 staff worldwide – 218,705 of them in Germany. Deutsche Bahn moves people and goods through integrated operation of transport and railway infrastructure, as well as economical and ecologically intelligent combination of all transport modes.

With over 300 employees at eight locations in Germany and Switzerland, b.telligent supports companies in all project phases, starting with strategy, proceeding through analysis, design and implementation, right up to operation and advancement of solutions. The focus here is on optimizing digital and data-driven business processes as well as customer and supplier relations.

Synabi Business Solutions develops the D-QUANTUM data catalog and provides support with individual consultancy along the data management journey. An experienced team accompanies customers in developing and continuously improving data management in order to increase value added from data.