The time has finally come! The BARC Guide Data, BI & Analytics 2021 has been released. In addition to numerous informative articles from renowned providers, we have also presented a case story.

The basis for this was our successful and long-standing cooperation with the KfW. With our software solution D-QUANTUM, they have succeeded in taking a big step forward and thereby modernising their data management. Having been fully subject, with a few exceptions, to the German Banking Act since 2016, KfW is monitored by the German supervisory authorities BaFin and Bundesbank. You can now read how they managed to bring order to their data with the help of D-QUANTUM in the new free BARC Guide Data, BI & Analytics.

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““The statement that data governance is principally necessary and meaningful in a data-driven company is certainly not disputed by anyone who is professionally dealing with data. Nevertheless, discussions about the added value of data governance are often intense and controversial, especially with regard to the required investments.
The fact that the added values of data governance are not only theoretical and that it is precisely the interaction of metadata management, data quality management and requirements management that leads to outstanding results is demonstrated by the KfW in a BARC user report. The KfW describes directly from everyday project life, far away from colourful marketing slides, how numerous date governance use cases have been successfully implemented with D-QUANTUM, as well as the added values generated for the company.””

Christian FrankHead of Business Development at Synabi Business Solutions

““It is nice to see that there is no longer any discussion about the added value of metadata and data governance building upon it. As Tim Grosser writes in his expert article, metadata is the key to success when working with data.
The interlinking of the metadata of a data catalogue with the operational aspects of data use such as DQ, requirements, request & access management are the next steps in my opinion.””

Wolf ErleweinCOO & Co-Founder at Synabi Business Solutions

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