A partnership for more BI know-how and cross-system data lineages

New partnership for Synabi Business Solutions. With the software company bluetelligence GmbH, Synabi strengthens its SAP expertise and is looking forward to a sustainable cooperation. Based in Wiesbaden, bluetelligence is the market leader in automated SAP documentation and offers unique solutions for the analysis, maintenance, migration and translation of SAP metadata. The promising start of the partnership is the provision of connectivity to SAP BW data for the D-QUANTUM Data Catalog.

Synabi geht die Partnerschaft mit bluetelligence ein

Integration of SAP technologies in the D-QUANTUM Data Catalog

Synabi and bluetelligence aim to integrate data lineage information from various SAP technologies into D-QUANTUM. In the future, D-QUANTUM users will be able to visualise data lineages from selected SAP technologies in D-QUANTUM and automatically keep them up to date. This means that the SAP objects can be used in the context of the data management journey for a very wide range of use cases: e.g. the mapping of responsibilities, source and impact analyses, data quality management, requirements management and many more.

“We are very happy that we will be able to combine the capabilities of bluetelligence with the extensive functions of D-QUANTUM with regard to data management in the future.“ rejoices Christian Frank, Head of Business Development at Synabi, and adds: “In the future, our customers will be able to experience the advantages of the Data Management Journey in connection with SAP technologies as well.”

Automated documentation and maintenance of SAP systems

“With the partnership of bluetelligence and Synabi, we combine expertise on SAP metadata and data management,” announces Torsten Schmidt, CEO at bluetelligence. – “A real added value for companies interested in cross-system data lineage.”

In a BI world that is becoming increasingly complex, bluetelligence’s software products ensure transparency, security and efficiency. The company’s goal is to make its customers’ everyday work easier and free up more time for the core business. To achieve this, bluetelligence offers efficient tools that automate time-consuming routine work, facilitate cooperation between IT and specialist departments and are profitable within a very short time.

The Performer Suite combines four powerful add-on tools for SAP systems. Originally developed for the automated documentation and maintenance of SAP systems, it now also supports BI developers in the convenient migration and translation. The Enterprise Glossary is a web-based platform for maintaining and viewing all important company key figures and reports.

Company profile bluetelligence

bluetelligence develops market-leading software for the documentation, analysis, migration, translation and cataloguing of SAP metadata. According to the motto “Work smarter, not harder”, the automated solutions now make everyday work in business intelligence easier for over 200 customers in the European region.