The best time to organise your data was ten years ago, the second best time is now.

Is your firm currently planning a BCBS 239 project as well performing an evaluation of eligible software solutions?

Are you in charge of Data Governance issues and are looking for an integrated representation of your requirements in accordance with BCBS 239?

Do You wish to shift away from your existing documentation system and data dictionary towards a user-friendly and efficient web-based platform?

The right solution

We at Synabi support our customers from various fields in the complex processes of manual data acquisition, automated import, aggregation and visualisation of metadata.
We focus on implementation of data governance projects, fully compliant with regulatory requirements, such as BCBS 239 and MaRisk.


D-QUANTUM depicts Your data and financial ratios

The modelling of financial ratios is a fundamental use case of many D-QUANTUM instances. In collaboration with our experts you can determine the way your key performance indicators connect with your systems and reporting platforms.This gives a transparent documentation of the entire process – from collecting a single piece of information to its application (single point of truth).

  • Your data and financial ratios can be related to other entities (responsibilities, departments, systems, documentations, etc.)
  • The configuration of these entities can be customised completely according to your demands.


D-QUANTUM separates publications from drafts

Every documentation should be constantly improved and extended – D-QUANTUM takes this into account. You can add and maintain new entities in the Draft,
but changes will be visible to a greater audience only after publication (definable).

  • A preview of the pubIication is visible in the Draft-section.
  • Misentries are prevented through comprehensive quality tests meanwhile data acquisition.
  • Your draft is visible in the publication view with a single click or a complex workflow, that involves all necessary parties.

Approval processes

D-QUANTUM defines clear processes and workflows

The decision, whether a financial ratio or an entity should be published is for most of our customers in the hands of a team from different departments.
We adjust these approval processes in order to fit your demands and preferences.

  • A variety of Standard-Workflows is already at your disposal.
  • In the role of the person in charge/ the person responsible, you are being regularly informed about the approval status, as well as changes undertaken.


D-QUANTUM ensures transparency.

The versioning of all undertaken changes is complete and transparent. D-QUANTUM stores information in the most granular levels in a MetaData Warehouse.

All changes are made visible and comparable (change user, change date, …) over versions using a visual version comparison.


D-QUANTUM visualizes complex relations by using various visualization features

The graphic visualization of the relations between ratios ensures clarity and transparency! D-QUANTUM´s visualisation tools enable you to retain an overview of your data and ratios. The process of modelling results in an automatically generated business graph.

  • Visual analysis with a single click
  • Search, highlight, zoom, filter, save and print options are supported within more complex business graphs as well.


D-QUANTUM ensures clarity and transparency

Our standard reports represent solutions to frequently occurring issues. In order to ensure quality and consistency of your metadata, we provide reports with predefined features.

  • Customised display in graphic or in list form
  • Flexible extension options in accordance with your preferences
  • Export of reports to possible, e.g. to Microsoft Excel.

A quantum leap

“Implementing D-QUΛNTUM as a central documentation platform for our data and financial ratios has marked a crucial step on the path towards ensuring transparency as well as
data understanding within the meaning of BCBS 239 requirements. D-QUΛNTUM provides a structured, user-friendly representation of our data flow.
Through the visualisation-features we are able to depict complex dependencies and relations. The expandability of the tool is of great significance to us.”

Sabine ParrinoData Governance Officer, Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG

The Platform

D-QUANTUM consists of the following pieces:
Modelling of your ratios

In our metadata system your ratios are related with your entities in accordance to your initial configuration. The system is flexible and easy to modify.

Input masks and maintenance screen forms

Entry masks enable information input and maintenance. Their structure is derived from the modelling of your ratios directly.

Configurable approval processes

With the aim of supporting data governance we adjust the approval process according to your demands and preferences.

Publication and draft

The publication represents the approved state of your documentation. The processing of your data and ratios takes place in draft.


All changes undertaken together with the entire relevant information are visible for auditors at any given time.

Metadata Warehouse

Together with the documentation versioning, D-QUANTUM uses a metadata warehouse, which provides an overview of all acquired historical data.


D-QUANTUM enables the depiction of all your data and ratios in accordance to the requirements and preferences of your management department.


D-QUANTUM uses Confluence due to its plain, simple and structured user interface.

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