The best time to organise your data was ten years ago, the second best time is now.

With our software solution we support you on your data management journey.
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D-QUANTUM is the right companion for your data management journey.

The benefits of a data catalog increase with the amount and quality of the data it contains. Technical metadata can be connected with little effort using D-QUANTUM Connect. Automated import processes ensure that this content is up to date.

D-QUANTUM offers extensive functions to technically describe and classify this data in a next step and thus to create complete documentation of the data element at a central point in the company.

For the success of a data governance initiative it is important that all employees of the company have access to this information, that it is easy to find and easy to understand and that the relationships are graphically displayed (visualized).

Data Catalog

We offer data catalog software that centralizes knowledge of company data on an intuitive platform. It offers a quick and efficient way to identify, classify and document these resources in just a few seconds.

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Data Governance

Understanding your data is the key to success. With the help of D-QUANTUM, you give your employees quick and easy access to react to the challenge of agile data management: promoting the internal use of data while limiting risks.

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DQN Connect

Our data catalog establishes a connection to all data sources of a company and enables our platform to access and register a maximum amount of information and knowledge (in the form of metadata) about its data.

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Modelling – D-QUANTUM depicts your data and financial ratios

The modelling of financial ratios is a fundamental use case of many D-QUANTUM instances. In collaboration with our experts you can determine the way your key performance indicators connect with your systems and reporting platforms. This gives a transparent documentation of the entire process – from collecting a single piece of information to its application (single point of truth).

  • Your data and financial ratios can be related to other entities (responsibilities, departments, systems, documentations, etc.)
  • The configuration of these entities can be customised completely according to your demands.

Data acquisition – Maintenance & update of your metadata

Every documentation needs to be (continuously) expanded and improved. D-QUANTUM takes this requirement into account. In our “draft area” you can create and maintain new information entities. Regardless of whether it is a first entry, comprehensive data correction or a single edit, with D-QUANTUM your meta data is always up to date. Depending on the role mapping these are published after completion with the help of an approval process.

  • A preview of the pubIication is visible in the Draft-section.
  • Misentries are prevented through comprehensive quality tests meanwhile data acquisition.
  • With just one click, your draft information is available in the publication view.

Data changes and releases according to your role concept

The decision, if a financial ratio or an entity should be published is for most of our customers in the hands of a team from different departments.
We adjust these approval processes according to your needs and requirements.

  • A variety of standard workflows is already at your disposal.
  • As the person responsible, you are regularly informed about the approval status as well as about changes made.

Visualization - complex interrelationships simply presented

The graphic visualization of the relations between ratios ensures clarity and transparency! D-QUANTUM´s visualisation tools enable you to retain an overview of your data and ratios. The process of modelling results in an automatically generated business graph.

  • Visual analysis with a single click
  • Search, highlight, zoom, filter, save and print options are supported within more complex business graphs as well.

Report – Transparency & clarity about your data

Our standard reports represent solutions to frequently occurring issues. In order to ensure quality and consistency of your metadata, we provide reports with predefined features.

  • Customised display in graphic or in list form
  • Flexible extension options in accordance with your preferences
  • Export of reports to Microsoft Excel

Auditing – All changes are traceable and documented at all times

The versioning of all undertaken changes is complete and transparent. D-QUANTUM stores information in the most granular levels in a MetaData Warehouse.

All changes are made visible and comparable (change user, change date, …) over versions using a visual version comparison.
We look forward to an exchange with you!
With the help of D‑QUANTUM we support you on your data management journey!
Who we are:


In 2016 Synabi Business Solutions GmbH was founded as a Spin-off of b.telligent GmbH & Co. KG, an established consulting company, and our company is still strongly connected with b.telligent.

We are a young growing Startup with an increasing number of customers with locations based in Frankfurt and Munich. Our focus is the development and the commercialisation of our software solution for the finance sector. We support our customers with our product D-QUANTUM by structuring your metadata and the execution of Data governance projects, for example the implementation of regulatory requirements like BCBS 239 and MaRisk.